Mayhem says the site will be up soon.

Static thinks she's full of it.

Go To The Gallery Instead

About Pop

Pop is a lazy webmaster.

He didn't even have a site here before.
Now, at least, there's a one page website template.
That's progress, right?
...probably not.

Why is this site here?

I've had this site up since 1999. It'd be a shame to shut it down now.
As it is, it's just holding a very slowly updating version of my gallery.
I try to update at least twice a year. Yeah, I'm that lazy.

What's Here

Not much.

A gallery.

Yep, all the artwork I've commissioned in one place.
Well, almost.
At least, up to the last upload date.

A website.

Well, there was a time that I actually kept a website going here... Maybe it'll happen again.

Social Networking

Ooh, maybe I'll put links to my Tumblr and Twitter here...
Then again, maybe not.

Random Gradients

Hey, you either scrolled this far or clicked on it.
I aim to please.

Nothing here either
More Details
Still nothing
More Details

Useless Section

Have a Keldeo!

This one is made of rubber.

No, make it two Keldeos!

This one is also made of rubber

Maybe a third Keldeo?

So nice and squeaky.

Okay, how about a four pack?

Who wouldn't want four rubber Keldeos?

I'm sure I'll figure out what to put here later.

Contact Pop

Sweets and Squeaks
28 Main Street #165
Chicopee, MA 01021

balloonpup at

That's a phone icon, alright

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